Anouchka Gauthier for ELLE Japan

July 17, 2021

Anouchka Gauthier for ELLE Japan

V Girls are some of the most sought-after talents, and Anouchka Gauthier is most certainly one of them. Alongside major brand collaborations, Anouchka is also involved with the press and was recently interviewed by ELLE Japan to explore her professional background.

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Elie Inoue from ELLE Japan reached out to V HQ to have a chat with Anouchka. Not only did we agree, but we decided to organize a shoot in Anouchka’s apartment. She spoke about her upbringing, career, and values. We’ve translated some of the highlights below, and you can access the full article here.

Raised in the south of France, Anouchka moved to Indonesia aged 17 for a volunteering opportunity. Now, after years of fashion photography education, Anouchka is a model, content creator, and art director.

ELLE Japan: What does a ‘Job’ mean for you?

Anouchka: “Job means passion, for sure. I could not see myself working in an industry that I’m not passionate about. It’s something you have within yourself and even if you push your passion away, it will always come back one day in your life.”

ELLE Japan: When do you feel happiness the most?

Anouchka: “First is when I’m traveling – I had the chance to travel a lot with my family when I was younger and it’s something that I continue doing. I feel so free and fulfilled. At the moment, I’m in Lisbon for a month or two and I think I need time away from Paris to charge my batteries! Second, is when I’m developing creative projects, for example, concept and storytelling for shoots. Finally, when I’m spending quality time with my best friend or boyfriend.”

ELLE Japan: What do you value most in your life?

Anouchka: “I think it would be my loved ones first. I’m very grateful to have them in my life and they are the best support I could ever have. Then my health – I am trying to listen to my body as much as possible. Finally, life experiences. I am very curious and I’m always craving new experiences. I think that I always have the fear of regretting something later that I never did.”

ELLE Japan: What are you doing to enrich yourself every day?

Anouchka: “I think it’s very important to take time for yourself and listen to your desires. I tried recently to switch off my phone for 24 hours and I enjoyed it so much. I was more focused, motivated, and calm. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and recenter your focus on things that make you happy, like reading a good book or having a walk in nature.”

ELLE Japan: Please tell us five ways you try to improve your quality of life.


“Allow yourself to take some time alone: listen to your own body and learn to enjoy your own company. Go to the movie theatre alone or spend some time at the park reading a book.”

“Step back from social media: go back to real life and realise everything you see online is not always real. It feels so good sometimes to enjoy real life: go buy some fresh flowers and bake a cake at home.”

“Clean life hygiene: eat well, sleep well, drink water and practice sport. It can be hard and easy at the same time but your body will be energised and you will have more mental and physical strength.”

“Surround yourself with positive people: fill your life with people who want the best for you and want you to be happy. Avoid unhealthy relationships (could even be family) because spending too much time with negative people will drag you down.”

“Experiment new things: don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, it can lead to beautiful and rewarding experiences. Meeting new people, learning a new language, going to paint classes… Experiment and have fun with life.”

ELLE Japan: Finally, what’s your usual time schedule for the day?


9am: Wake up, wash my face and moisturise. I usually don’t have breakfast, but if I do, I will probably have avocado toast while checking my notifications, emails and meetings for the day. Then I will take a shower, dress up and do my makeup.”

10am: Getting in touch with my manager to check all the tasks I have for the day (photoshoot, content creation etc.). Then, I do my to do list and plan my schedule.

12am: Ordering food at home while preparing my feed for the next few days and creating mood boards for my upcoming Instagram collaborations.

1pm: Meeting time! I will grab an electric bike and go to press agencies. I often organise meetings in different PR agencies to look at the latest fashion collection and select my favourites.

2:30pm: Meeting with my agency’s photographer to shoot a couple collaborations.

4pm: Going back home, then working on production and photography: I will edit photos for my client Fleuron, a new Parisian leather bag brand and prepare their next monthly photoshoots.

5:30pm: Quick change of clothes and makeup, then I take a CaoCao to attend different events.

6pm: I meet my industry friends and we will go to events such as product launch parties, opening of boutiques, press day events, and more.

8:30pm: Finally, I meet friends or my boyfriend for a nice evening at a restaurant or in a bar.

11pm: Back home and shower! I’m usually more productive during the night time so either I will work until 1am or I will watch an episode of my favourite series.

1am: Sleep.

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