Behind Blue Eyes with Elle Trowbridge

July 8, 2020

Behind Blue Eyes with Elle Trowbridge

Only the models themselves really know what it is like to shoot on a set, with bright lights and a million onlookers just out of the shot. Thanks to London based model and influencer, Elle Trowbridge, we now have an inside look to the true nature of modeling. Collecting the coveted title of “model” at the tender age of 16, Elle is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry, and has been thriving in the business ever since.

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It’s always difficult in the beginning

Over the years Elle Trowbridge has become something of a pro in the modeling world, but she admits that she was not always so comfortable in front of the camera. “It took me quite a few shoots to not be camera shy,” confesses the model. “I remember my first agency bringing all of the younger girls in to teach us how to pose, but once I found my style of shooting it became really natural for me.” The blue-eyed beauty also came clean about the fast-paced nature of her job, recounting one especially difficult incident during the beginning of her career. “I had to stay in Paris,” reminisces Elle, “and that was probably the hardest thing I had done. I remember arriving on my first day I was given a map and 10 castings! I spent the day lost and homesick.” Nowadays though, Elle has her schedule perfected. “I love the fact no day is the same, I have got to visit so many places that I would have never seen if I wasn’t a model, it has also taught me to be very independent from a young age.” A firm believer in balancing work and home life, the model takes care not to over work herself. A true professional, Elle strives to give 100% at every shoot, which means carving out a little her-time in between.

On her favorite beauty brands

A true beauty devotee, we were eager to uncover her interests outside of fashion, and she bashfully confessed that “I actually think if I wasn’t a model I would have worked in the beauty industry. I just love talking about skincare and makeup.” And like any true beauty guru, Elle has a handful of brands she simply could not live without: Dr. LEVY, Ole Henrikson, Oxygenetix, Nars, and Charlotte Tilbury all made the list. As far as her favorite products go, the model is a die-hard fan of the Nars creamy concealer, a day-to-day must for her. “My daily style depends on my mood,” shares Elle. “I have always had a classic and simple style, I have key pieces that I like to dress up or down, and my makeup is always natural and glowy. I like to get my skin looking perfect and then will keep it simple with everything else, normally always a bronze eye using my Chanel bronzer.”

On how to be authentic and honest in Instagram

Frequently offering beauty tips online, Elle advises her fans on how and why to use specific products. The online world is often harsh and unforgiving, and as an influencer, Elle has spent years thickening her skin. A passionate advocate for the powers of positivity, the model does not waste any of her time on negative comments, instead choosing to focus on the support from her fans. Elle takes a nuance approach to Instagramming, believing in creating attractive, genuine content that is representative of her life. In a time where most posts are heavily edited and carefully crafted to portray perfection, that is admirable. Part of her inspiration to be authentic and honest online comes from her family. “I have a 16 year old sister,” Elle tells Bode, “and I am always reminding her that what she sees on Instagram, most of the time, is not real! Follow accounts that make you happy. Your own style will come, but for now don’t take anything too seriously or put pressure on yourself.”

Noting her personal intent and emphasis on self-restraint in the digital world, now more than ever it is easy to lose hours scrolling through Instagram or binging a series on Netflix, but Elle insists the importance of creating a balance. “I went through a stage of being on Instagram all the time and I could tell it was starting to affect me,” she heartened, “so now I try to just post my picture and not scroll so much.” To Elle, life should be lived to its fullest, and we cannot do that unless we are fully involved in every moment. The model-influencer strives to live her message everyday, and is intentional to create content that helps others do the same. Currently living in lockdown, the model is lounging in anything cute and comfy as she reflects on her life, unapologetic for just being true to herself, “I could never pretend to be something or someone else!” Humble and with a genuine gleam in her piercing blue eyes, Elle offers her sincerest thanks for sharing her story and is excited to share with the world a lot more beauty tutorials, “that is my main focus right now.”

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