Elle Italia Interviews Clara Berry and Mara Lafontan

October 24, 2022

Elle Italia Interviews Clara Berry and Mara Lafontan

V Girls Clara Berry and Mara Lafontan are leading Parisian it-girls who can be seen attending fashion weeks and events all around the world. Already having been featured in several esteemed publications, they recently got the attention of Elle Italia and were asked about their fashion inspiration, favourite shopping destinations, and more...

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Discover Clara Berry and Mara Lafontan's favourite shopping spots, inspirations, and more...

Your favourite accessory?

Clara: Anything that goes on your head, including a cowboy hat, a cap, a cloche, and hair clips. 

Mara: Bags, since they can dress up even the most basic clothing. Designer, or perhaps just with a unique form or nuance.

What do you like to buy and where do you like to shop? 

Clara: At flea markets like Los Angeles' Rose Bowl Flea Market. I also enjoy purchasing souvenir T-shirts (usually extra large) from around the world. 

Mara: Mostly at department stores like Le Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette. I buy timeless pieces and rarely succumb to seasonal trends. Too risky!

What social profiles do you follow?

Clara: On Instagram: @melovemealot, @mirandamakaroff and @sophiahadjipanteli. On TikTok: @gabrielfeitosagrooming, @_arkeolog_, and @shangerdanger.

Mara: Those related to movies or creativity. I am rarely inspired by influencer colleagues, but rather by artists and brands who have a distinct vision and push the boundaries of their own genres.

Favourite restaurants?

Clara: Nobu in Los Angeles, Bouillon Pigalle in Paris and Chambar in Vancouver.

Mara: In Paris, my friend chef Julien Sebbag opened my favourite restaurants: Forest, Créatures, and Tortuga. Ideal for social gatherings.

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