Latest collaborations at V Management

July 28, 2021

Latest collaborations at V Management

We combine expertise in both talent management and content production, therefore, our latest collaborations are exceptional. We continue to work with the best and most influential names in the industry. Our talent managers work hard to produce the best solutions, and with this in mind, we gathered their thoughts behind some of the latest collaborations at V Management.

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We work on a variety of collaborations with leading luxury brands, from Marc Jacobs to Puma, and more, check out the latest work V Management has to offer.

Sam Salter used his dancing skills to showcase the collaboration with Gant for Pride.Talent Manager, George McCarthy: “This collaboration was meaningful as it celebrated pride and the work and determination of the older LGBTQ+ generation. Sam was thrilled to be involved in such a powerful campaign.”

Clement Grobotek posed for Jean Paul Gaultier for Pride.

Talent Manager, Kevin Bonneaud: “The Jean Paul Gaultier team gave Clement his first opportunity to express himself and also represent them. As a long-time collaborator, Clement was especially excited for the Pride collaboration as it was personal and an important project for him.”

Sian Lilly’s
collaboration with Dior.

Talent Manager, Bashir-Arab-Sanchez: “For Sian, keeping true to her style is crucial when deciding on a potential collaboration. The Dior micro bags matched Sian’s natural style, so she was delighted to join forces with the brand. Illustrations were added as the background, matching the theme of the collection.”

Sarah Lysander wearing the Dior micro bags.

Talent Manager, Bashir-Arab-Sanchez: “Sarah went to Brown’s hotel in Mayfair to shoot the Dior micro bags. The collaboration was executed in a way which matched Sarah’s vision, as well as the brand values of Dior.”

Chloe Lecareux in Ibiza for a collaboration with Jimmy Fairly.

Talent Manager, Samy Samandjeu: “Chloe has always been an admirer of Jimmy Fairly, so collaborating with them was truly special. She traveled to Ibiza to celebrate the new collection and showcase the line by the pool, to portray the summer collection in the most authentic way possible.”

Mara Lafontan in a street-style shoot in Paris for French brand Only.

Talent Manager, Samy Samandjeu: “Mara is a classic Parisian girl, which is undoubtedly evident in every project she pursues. For Only, Mara took part in an authentic street-style shoot in Paris to showcase the collection.”

Alicia Aylies for Marc Jacobs new eyewear collection.

Talent Manager, Samy Samandjeu: “Alicia has long been a fan of Marc Jacobs eyewear. These sunglasses perfectly fit Alicia’s style and have become a favorite staple of hers.”

Anja Winkelmann for Ottodame.

Talent Manager, Natalia Karczewska: “Anja is known for her classical and clean style. This dress from Ottodame fits Anja’s usual aesthetic, and she is excited to continue a relationship with the brand to maintain a long-term collaboration.”

Chloe Lecareux
for Manoush.

Talent Manager, Samy Samandjeu: “Manoush has a close relationship with our Talents. Chloe is one of them and always enjoys collaborating with the team. This shoot was especially meaningful, as Chloe had the opportunity to bring her dog, Cocker Pepita onset, eventually becoming a part of the shoot.”

Lea Adelise for Puma.

Talent Manager, Kevin Bonneaud: “Lea’s outfits usually consist of comfort and luxury combined, therefore, the collaboration with Puma was a dream come true. Shot outside, Lea incorporated her style to the partnership.”

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