Less is More with Sian Lilly

July 14, 2020

Less is More with Sian Lilly

Fashion is a fast-paced, ever changing, and grueling industry. With new products and new ideas out every day, staying on top requires innovation, determination, and talent. Of course, having a striking sense of style and a killer body never hurts. Fortunately for her, international model and YouTuber, Sian Lilly has both.

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About her go-to fashion look

A long time beauty enthusiast and seasoned model, Sian has spent most of her life watching the rise and fall of beauty icons and knows very well that a daring style can either become a new wardrobe staple, or go down in history as an ill-advised trend. Her solution: develop a personal style that incorporates trendy pieces, but never stray from its core. Favoring classic looks – subdued nude and minimalist tones – punctuated by pieces from the best and brightest in fashion, Sian’s Instagram boasts ready-to-wear designs by Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Burberry, with tropical paradises and metropolitan city-scapes serving as her backdrop. But Sian’s style is anything, but ostentatious. The model readily admits that her “go-to fashion look is to keep it really simple, a good pair of jeans that fit well and can be styled again & again are a must.” When it comes to beauty, Sian has rejected the heavier makeup looks garnering popular traction online, instead favoring the light touch, natural look, always adorned with her go-to: Lip Balm! “Lip balm is definitely an essential for me!” reveals Sian. “No lipstick looks good without keeping your lips hydrated first … everyone needs a good lip balm!”

A newly born globetrotter

A newly minted globetrotter, Sian is the first to acknowledge that she was not always so worldly; “Before modeling I hadn’t left the UK,”exposes the YouTuber, “so being able to shoot in so many beautiful places was really an eye opener for me! Transitioning from modeling, having just a few days to shoot in a location and then going home to traveling for my YouTube channel and really being able to take in a country and all its culture is something I really appreciate about being an influencer.” At just 22, Sian has graced the lands of the most desirable destinations in the world while pursuing her unconventional career as a model and self-made content creator. She confesses to Bode that she “visited Bali for the first time last year, it’s one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever seen.” But through her many travels, Sian will always have a special place in her heart for her homestead of London. “In London beauty and fashion is completely down to personal preference, which I love. How you decide to do your makeup or wear your hair is completely down to your own life and what inspires you,” the influencer confessed. A firm believer that a woman looks most beautiful wearing confidence, the beauty enthusiast advises every woman to experiment with different styles until they find what makes them feel most comfortable. For those looking for a starting point, Sian preaches the importance of finding a day-to-day look, something simple and casual with feminine flair. Traveling back to Sian’s greatest city, the influencer sheds light to London’s reputation as a place of true opportunity for everyone. “Traveling has taught me that I am so privileged to live somewhere that is so open minded and easy,” beams Sian. “To be both a woman and mixed, some people don’t have the same really basic rights as me, it’s something I really try to appreciate.”

Successful model, Influencer and YouTuber

The beauty blogger has certainly made the most of her opportunities, with major companies like Maybelline and Coach finding their way into her portfolio. Discussing her favorite collab, Sian professed that “working with Maybelline has definitely been the most memorable for me. I used to save up my lunch money to buy their foundation during high school… I didn’t know at the time, but spending all my lunch money way back then was definitely worth it!” grinned the natural faced “It” girl. But Sian is not only an established model, she is also a dedicated YouTuber, finding time to film and edit between shoots. Soft-spoken but energetic in her videos, Sian focuses on her strong suit – beauty and fashion – offering advice on everything from skincare routines to revamping your closet. One of her latest videos dives into the importance of investment pieces, clothes with a long lifetime, that can be integrated as staple pieces for any wardrobe.

Post Scriptum

So besides a flourishing career in modeling and an active presence on social media, what else can we expect from Sian? Well, the model-vlogger was kind enough to indulge a bit of her future plans to Bode… and they involve the launch of her very own business! Tight lipped on what exactly Sian plans to release, we have been told to keep our eyes peeled this August. Before rushing off, Sian offers a few parting words of wisdom about life in and out of the pandemic. She reminds us that “The world right now is really strange and it’s really easy to think that this is the way of life forever, but it’s so important to remember this situation is temporary. All the dreams and hard work you have put in won’t be on hold forever, so keep going!”

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