Sam Salter Q&A

May 25, 2021

Sam Salter Q&A

Sam Salter's captivating smile and engaging personality are immediately noticeable. Model and dancer, Sam’s professional background is diverse and unmatched - his online and offline skills are equally brilliant and he is constantly growing on social media.

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He started dancing at the age of eight and hasn’t stopped since. After graduating from Sylvia Young Theatre School, he went on a range of tours, including the world tour of contemporary ballet ‘Swan Lake’. Sam started modeling in 2019, working for luxury names including Paco Rabanne and Jean Paul Gaultier, and today he focuses on both of his passions: dance and modeling.

His range is a part of what makes him stand out from the crowd, and to find out more, V Management sat down with Sam for a personal Q&A:

His interest in dance sparked during his family holiday trips, where he used to get up on stage and shake his hips around – he “used to love the attention from middle-aged women and got into dancing from there.”

He is going to Dublin to film a movie for “two and a half months… which is very exciting.”

When we talk about fashion and how it correlates with dance, he believes fashion is super interesting, and he “definitely thinks it correlates with dance because wherever you look (in campaigns, and commercials) there’s movement within the pieces.” He adds “I love the way that fashion and dance mix.”

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