Vogue Russia: an honest conversation about motherhood with Natalia Bonifacci

February 3, 2022

Vogue Russia: an honest conversation about motherhood with Natalia Bonifacci

Italian beauty Natalia Bonifacci has long been a fashion industry insider as an accomplished model and influencer with an impeccable eye for style. A creator, dreamer, and realist, Natalia carries a diverse skill set that makes her the perfect talent. Natalia recently spoke to Vogue Russia on the physical and emotional journey of motherhood.

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Arina Shabanova from Vogue Russia reached out to V Girl Natalia Bonifacci to have an honest and inspiring chat about the joys, challenges and lessons of motherhood. We’ve translated some of the highlights below, and you can access the full article here.

Shot and directed in Los Angeles by photographer and director Billy Henry, Natalia and her charming four-year-old son Leo Tancredi exhibited unconditional love shared between a mother and son. Bridging a fashionable Vogue shoot with playful family photos, the results have everyone in awe.

Natalia recalls having a wonderful pregnancy experience, despite some inevitable rough patches. She needed time to completely adapt during her first three months, due to apprehensions about how pregnancy would completely change her life and relationships. Natalia also feared health complications or a miscarriage – which are most common in the first trimester of pregnancy.

“I felt less alone knowing that other women felt or feel the same way, or just being around those who listened to me without judgment. Accepting my fears and facing them was a very important step, and that’s when the magical part of this journey began for me. I enjoyed a deeper connection with myself, and I enjoyed interacting with the baby as it grew inside of me. I felt very calm and happy, although it was a truly crazy experience.”

Natalia’s pregnancy also prompted a complete lifestyle change; she adopted mental and physical health habits to make her body the best possible home for her child. “I loved how much I took care of my body and mind to create as much positive energy as possible for my child. I also immersed myself in books on psychology: it was very interesting to find out how early childhood affects our adult life. It inspired me a lot and helped me understand myself better.

Determined to better herself for what was to come, Natalia also started therapy to face her fears and improve her mental state. “Also, I started therapy and seeing a psychologist two weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I had never worked with a psychologist in my life, but I felt a strong responsibility for the little man who had to enter this world. Therapy was a moment of truth for me: I was finally ready to face myself, my inner demons, and old wounds. I didn’t want to run away from them anymore.”

“I think since I had a baby, I’ve learned to trust my intuition a lot more,” says Natalia on how motherhood has changed her life. Natalia stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy balance as a parent. While being actively present in Leo’s life, she wants to stay herself and keep her personality intact while giving her son the freedom to do the same. “You know, I don’t feel like he’s an extension of me, he’s a little person in his own right that I get to know better every day. I love it."

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