Claudie Pierlot's Valentine's Day campaign, "Mon Premier Love," celebrates the love for creativity and passion. The campaign, produced by us, features inspiring women who have poured their hearts into their projects and showcases them in Parisian cafés that hold a special place in their journey. Through this campaign, Claudie Pierlot's dedication to timeless style and quality resonates with the essence of love for one's profession.

"For love, I would go to the end of the world. That's why I get up in the morning."

Leslie Medina is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actress whose first love is music. She believes in the power of music to change lives and is currently recording her second record. Leslie's special location is Partisan Café Artisanal, near the Contrechamp Studio, where she would go to take breaks while recording in the nearby studio.

"For love, I have no limits. I could go anywhere."

Estelle Chemouny, a furniture designer, would go anywhere for love, with no limits. Her first love was to furnish her flat with her own creations. She started making mirrors during the Covid lockdown and wants to continue to grow as a designer. Her special spot is Noir Coffee Shop, where she spends a lot of time working, thinking, and getting inspired.

"Podcasts are different, you really get into people's ears, into people's lives, apartments, houses..."

Monica de La Villardière is a Canadian creative living in Paris, who is a fashion and culture journalist and hosts the Fanfare podcast, which is her first love. She loves writing, but she enjoys the closeness of podcasts because it allows her to reach people she doesn't know. She is currently recording her third season and is looking forward to meeting and interviewing new people who will inspire her and her audience. Monica's special location is Café de la Mairie, where she enjoys a view of Place Saint-Sulpice.

These three women, through their love and dedication to their professions, have shown us how to fall in love with our passions. Claudie Pierlot's "Mon Premier Love" campaign captures true love, inspiring us to pursue our dreams with the same passion and dedication as these inspiring women.

Claudie Pierlot declares its love loud and clear through garments and iconic accessories. The campaign highlights that there are many reasons to fall in love with something, whether it's a podcast, music, design, fashion, or a person.