A Beautiful Ceremony With Claudie for Claudie Pierlot Paris - our team was tasked with capturing the essence of the brand's latest collection during a spring wedding celebration, featuring suits, twin-sets, glitter, floral embroidery, and more.

To bring this vision to life, we carefully curated every detail of the shoot, from the venue selection to the color palette and décor. We wanted to incorporate elements of the spring season into the shoot, such as mimosa flowers and spring hues, to create a fresh and vibrant feel. The menu for the shoot also reflected this, with produce straight from the farmer's market and chives and cheese to complement the celebration. Our team worked to ensure that every shot was visually stunning and captured the essence of the brand.

Kennah and Anania with their son Sisara who is wearing a custom Claudie suit

One of the key aspects of the shoot were the brides, models Kennah and Anania, who are a real couple with a baby boy and a dog. This added an element of authenticity and emotion to the campaign, as the love between the couple and their family was palpable. We wanted to showcase the brand's support of women through life's major events, from ceremonies to celebrations, and this was perfectly embodied the team and models.

Photographed by Iulia Matei